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In The Media

Opinion Piece, Sydney Morning Herald, Here's a $75 fix that would help solve Australia's poverty problem, 14 October 2019.


Radio Interviews, Why is there poverty in a rich country like Australia?, ABC Overnights 3 October, 2019 and Poverty, ABC Overnights 16 May 2019


Interview on Radio National Life Matters on school business partnership broker report, 27 March 2014



Open House, Hope Media’s national talkback program hosted by Dwayne Jeffries, 19 March 2014.  Here is a link to the podcast.http://openhousecommunity.com.au/2014/03/toni-wren/


Opinion Piece, Australian Financial Review,"Welfare 'blowout' doesn't add up: debate the facts", 24 January 2014. 


Opinion Piece, Australian Financial Review, "Gonski backflip leaves Indigenous students in limbo", 4 December, 2013.


Interview on ABC Radio National Life Matters on demand-led approaches to unemployment, 27 May 2013.


Report on presentation to Australian Network on Disability, 22 May 2013.



Opinion Piece, Australian Financial Review, "Long -term jobless miss out", 15 April, 2013.



Interview on ABC Radio National Life Matters with The Benevolent Society CEO Anne Hollonds on Family employment solutions, 19 October 2011.



Tackling the need for skilled employees through education can reap rewards,

The Australian, 7 May 2011.


Tony Abbott's tough love welfare push, The Australian, 1 April 2011.



No expectations can be turned into high hopes, 30 October 2010.

Weekend Australian 30 October 2010.doc 30 October 2010 


Interview on ABC Radio National Life Matters, 28 October 2010.



 Jobs beyond a bottom line

 The Australian, 8 January 2009.


How to turn the jobs pact into reality, opinion published in the Australian Financial Review, 4 November 2008.


"This Anti-Poverty Week, raising Newstart isn't only the right thing for our federal government to do, it's the smart thing to do."

                         - SMH 14/10/19



"Toni Wren, an employment consultant working in the welfare field points out that Abbott is ignoring the mismatch between the skills employers need and the competency most job seekers have, and more needs to be done in training before punitive measures are taken." 

              - The Australian 1/4/11  


"Wren points out that , although the Rudd government has accepted that, while the age pension is not enough to live on, the base Newstart allowance for the unemployed pays $56 less than the pension for singles and $64 for couples."

               - The Australian 8/1/09

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